Cloud Optimization

Maximizing Cloud Infrastructure Investment while Achieving Cloud Efficiency & Scalability


Organizations today understand that optimizing cloud infrastructure is not only about minimizing cost but it’s imperative that the applications and their environments are running in perfect sync, without any bottlenecks, scaling up or down,Any cloud infrastructure requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustment to ensure that the resources are not wasted and that the ones you have invested in are driving your business forward.

But concerns like unmanageable spend, difficulty in interpreting various cloud pricing models and not able to right size the environment are some challenges which cloud users are facing.

At TTG, our experts have in-depth cloud optimization experience on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud which can help you run your infrastructure better on Cloud. With our wide range of Cloud Optimization services you can improve scalability, performance & response time while saving cost.

Why Cloud Optimization ?

At TTG, our cloud optimization experts ensure that the resources you are investing in are not getting wasted and are driving your business forward. With Cloud optimization, you can

  • Analyze Unused & Idle Resources
  • Identify Mis-Provisioned Resources
  • Update Resources
  • Manage Reserved Instances (RI)
  • Recognize the Right Storage Services

Cloud Optimization Services

TTG provides organizations with in-depth visibility and detailed analytics of your cloud consumption patterns, along with services for cost optimization across your cloud environments. We analyze the AWS, Azure & Google Cloud and ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit of the infrastructure they have invested in.

Health Checks

Health assessment and report of current cloud infrastructure

Cost Efficiency Tracking

Tracking optimization potential of unused and underutilized resources & manage them

Usage & Actionable Intelligence

Real-time insights and reports of cloud utilization

Workload Performance Monitoring

Application insights to measure the cloud performance

Trends & Cost Saving Recommendations

Insights on upcoming cloud trends and utilization recommendations for cost savings

Performance Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics

Detect&diagnose deficiencies in cloud applications and optimize their performance


Experts to attend & resolve the incidents that may occur

Plan RIs

Analysis into financial instruments leading to the payment for the resources at the lowest possible rate