Serverless Computing


Serverless computing is rapidly changing the way applications are built and scaled on cloud. By adopting serverless architectures, organizations can fasten their time to market and materialize their next-generation solutions from ideation to production without worrying about the infrastructure. Not only this, with serverless computing enterprises can achieve higher efficiencies at lower cost, thereby realizing their business goals.

But navigating the shift from traditional server-based architectures to serverless architectures can be challenging. Hence serverless computing experts are needed to guide this transformation.

TTG has a team of experts who possess specialized skills in providing wide range of serverless computing services and helping organizations unlock the scale, efficiency, insight, and agility benefits of serverless.

TTG has expertise in AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Function & Google Cloud Function. The services offered by TTG can help you select the right platform, design the serverless architecture, test, deploy and manage it to ensure that you realize the full benefits Serverless architecture.

Why Serverless Computing?

  • No Servers to Maintain
  • Easy & Efficient Scaling with Minimum Effort
  • Unprecedented Developer Agility
  • Enterprise-grade Security and Redundancy
  • Higher Application Availability
  • Cost Saving with Pay per Use Pricing
  • Repeatable code-defined Infrastructure
  • Container-based isolation, portability, & scalability

Serverless Computing Offerings

Adopting serverless can deliver many benefits but the road to serverless can get challenging depending on the solution you want to develop and deploy. With TTG’s expertise you cannot only successfully adopt serverless computing but also realize it’s overall benefits.

Serverless Assessment

Our serverless architecture consultants analyze your current IT infrastructure and provide recommendations on where serverless would offer efficiencies. For serverless requirement of a new application, our team would assess suitability based on workload requirements and cost.

Serverless Vendor Selection/ Setup

After understanding your requirements, our Serverless computing experts will work with you to identify and select the best vendor for serverless needs. Once a vendor is selected, we help in managing your configuration set-up.

Serverless Consulting

Our cloud consultants will help you pave a path for successful serverless adoption. Post understanding the requirement our consultants define the engagement roadmap and help you fulfill those requirements aligning the right engagement model to it.

Serverless Architecture Design & development

Our experts will architect & develop the Serverless applications in Node.js, Java, & Scala and set up the Continuous Delivery pipelines to automatically push code into production using big data processing pipelines with S3, Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, Redshift

Serverless Testing & Deployment

The applications developed will be tested and your serverless applications will be deployed on the platform of the selected vendor. We automate the continuous checks of internal security requirements so that your applications are running without any hassles.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Post deployment, based on need our cloud consultants can also help you with future iteration updates and continuous application maintenance.