Microservices, today are attracting many large organizations as they seem to be the next evolution of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) & a better way to manage large applications. Organizations are able to achieve greater agility and scalability by choosing microservices to develop new applications. In a Microservices architecture, a single application is divided into small sets of services which are running on their own but communicating with each other through APIs and every microservice can be deployed & managed independently irrespective of other services in that application. These applications, when managed by an automated system, can be updated without impacting the user experience.

At TTG, we provide a wide range of services from designing a high-performing microservices architecture to deploying & managing it. Our team of Microservices consultants has expertise in various technologies that enable a Microservices architecture.

So if you are looking for reviewing your Microservices architecture or designing & deploying one or want to hire experts on specific Microservices technological skills – TTG can assist you at all levels

Why Microservices?

  • Faster response to client’s requirements by not being stuckwith fixed release schedule & rapidly shipping capabilities as and when needed
  • Increased team efficiency as a result of underlying with fixed release schedule & Microservices principles of agile & DevOps development
  • Improve system scalability and reliability by utilizing patterns designed to keep the system running even when individual components fail

Microservices Offerings